The Overseas Network and Expertise Pass (ONE Pass)

The ONE Pass is a 5-year work pass that can be renewed for top talents in various fields. ONE Pass holders can work for multiple companies in Singapore at the same time without needing a new pass or an employer’s support.

The ONE Pass is expected to benefit sectors

Such as green economy and sustainability, biotechnology, agrotechnology, data science and vaccine development, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and automation.

Income Requirement

To apply, you must have or will have:

  1. A fixed monthly income of at least SGD 30,000 from one employer in Singapore or abroad in the past or future year.
  2. The minimum income of SGD 30,000 is based on the top 5 percent of EP holders in Singapore. You should generally get your income from one employer (not more than one). 

Reputable Employer

You must also show that:

  1. You have worked for at least 1 year for a reputable company* abroad; or
  2. You will work for a reputable company* in Singapore
*An established company is a company that (i) has a market capitalization of at least USD 500 million; or (ii) an annual revenue of at least USD 200 million

Exceptional Accomplishments

You may be eligible for the ONE Pass even if you don’t meet the income requirement if you have exceptional accomplishments in the arts and culture, sports, science and technology, and academia and research.

The MOM will decide what counts as exceptional accomplishment in each field.

Keeping the One Pass

To renew the ONE Pass, you must:

  1. Have a fixed monthly income of at least SGD 30,000 on average for the last 5 years in Singapore; or
  2. Run a Singapore-based company that has at least 5 Singapore citizens/permanent residents as employees, each earning at least SGD 5,000.

More Benefits

ONE Pass holders do not need to follow the points-based COMPASS and employers who want to hire them do not need to follow the FCF job advertising rule. A big benefit compared to EP is that ONE Pass holders’ spouses can work with a letter of consent. They do not need to apply and qualify for their own work passes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait for a Singapore ONE Pass?

It takes about 4 weeks to process a ONE Pass application. Then, the candidate has 6 months to come to Singapore and apply in person for ONE Pass card that will be ready within 5 working days after checking the candidate’s documents.

How much do I need to earn to apply for ONE Pass?

You need to earn a fixed monthly income of at least S$30,000, or its equivalent in foreign currency, in the last one year. But you can also apply if you will earn a fixed monthly income of at least S$30,000 from your future employer in Singapore.

Is it possible to have more than one employer under the Singapore ONE Pass?

Yes, it is possible to have more than one employer under the Singapore ONE Pass.

What is the duration of ONE Pass in Singapore?

The ONE Pass lasts for five years in Singapore. You can renew it after that.

    Is it possible to lose the ONE Pass?

    Yes, it is possible to lose the ONE Pass if MOM deems that you are not adding value to the economy. For instance, if you are not working for a long time without good reasons, the ONE Pass may be canceled. In absence of valid work pass, you and your family will have no longer be able to live in Singapore.

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